MANCINY  is a fashion Label  that never disappoints.We interviewed Manciny Migwi, head designer a few months back. READ all about it here.FAFA- FASHION FOR PEACE  was held last weekend in Nairobi at The Oval and her new collection stood out on the runway. The colors and materials used were well thought of. She blended in the batik ,leather and embroidery  to create an amazing collection. When you’ve thought you have seen it all, she has a way of surprising us all. This is a collection that all men should own.

Orange Bespoke Fitted Embroidered Shirt

10352560_10152382956363654_3472376474950924741_n Earth Toned Woodin Patterned Blazer

10322826_10152382958018654_3017241809645399964_nGreen Tribal Patterned Double Breast Blazer10157242_10152382956613654_2886345000363278035_nOrange/Green Printed Batik Jacket10373489_10152382956853654_8975174892309856383_n

Tiger Ripped T-shirt1798732_10152382958593654_3380321300045119537_nA “Nyekitiki” fused Leather T-shirt10296685_10152382957173654_7182872019274811866_n

I cannot decide which outfit is my favorite. I will definitely get a few pieces for  the men in my life.This is a good idea for Fathers Day.

You can all get in touch with her on:



Photo credits : Radek Art Photography.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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