I have not taken any professional  pictures for a long time and over the weekend,I decided to get a few pictures taken.  Preparing for a photo shoot takes some time. I had to find an exceptional photographer(Radek), book an appointment and also get an exceptional make-up artist (Toony).

Before I went for the shoot I had to figure out what look I was going for,what outfits go with that look and what to do with my hair. Last but not least,have a friend with you at the shoot to help you change,zip up clothes or even keep you smiling.

The day of the photo shoot.

9am: I went through my photo shoot list just to confirm if everything was ready and packed .Things that I always remember to carry are: baby oil, lotion, pocket tissue , wet wipes, a wide array of shoes , drinking water , wigs , heeps of accessories, the outfits to be worn and chocolate or sweets to keep me energized.

10am:This was the time when I was supposed to leave the house but my friend kept me waiting for 30 more minutes for him to pick me up. I like being on time, so I got a little pissed but nothing was going to spoil my day.

11am:The whole team met at Galleria (on time) and it was interesting to hear the photographer and make up artist  say that most clients are not usually on time. I was happy to be on time.We went to the shoot location in Karen, Toony’s studio.

11:30am: The set-up was done fast and Toony was ready to transform me to a fashion goddess.

Toony working her magic.

Toony is not only an amazing make-up artist but also an entertainer. She always knew how to keep my spirits up and was also my pose look book. I wanted to look different in this shoot and I think It came out perfectly.

Radek was also busy doing what he does best,taking amazing pictures.

Radek clicking away.

Here are the results.


The first look was a wedding inspired look.The make up was natural and I had on a head piece that completed the look.



I had so much fun shooting this because we were going for a more fun and colorful look.


green 4


I saw this skirt at MR Price and fell in love with it.I just had to wear it for this shoot.

rockstar 4

rock star


3pm : After a long 3 and hours ,we got amazing shots.Although I was hungry and tired,I  had fun and I cannot wait to work with them again. That was an amazing day.

Photography by: Radek

Make up by: Toony

One Comment Add yours

  1. taher says:

    Lovely strong photo shoots! Reina looks stunnigly hot! Keep up the beautiful work!


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