What do men look for when buying clothes?

men 3My boyfriend is the worst person to take shopping because he is very particular and big headed.

Shopping with him is close to torture because he has to go through heaps of clothes in many shops ,hating everything he tries on and he has to constantly  compare the quality of the clothes  in the store to the ones he has at home or saw somewhere else. With a lot of money to spend,we can easily go shopping with him for a whole day and go back home with one tie.

For me it was hard to understand why men are so hard to shop with because , with women, its all about how the item looks and how it makes us feel. Whereas for men,its more than that.  Here is what I got to learn :


Most men prefer buying items that will last them many years.Whether its a pair of  shoes, shirt, or suit, men prefer to spend a little bit more money on  quality items.High quality clothes are identified by their finishing, material used , durability , shrinkage , texture ,easy to clean and the color should not fade easily.


Any item in a man’s closet must be functional and practical.Men prefer to buy items that can go with different items in their closet,i.e a pair of blue jeans that can go with many shirts or a pair of black shoes that can be put on with any outfit.The clothes should also be non seasonal.


All items bought should be easy to clean and maintain.Clothes tend to get spoiled easily because of their  repetitive use. Hence,clothes should be  easy to wash­ and not affected by chemicals used in washing. Clothes which retain their look even af­ter washing are more likely to be bought.

man shoppingCOMFORT

Psychological comfort.Men feel more confident and in control of their looks when they wear what they like and not just what fashion trends are in. As for physical comfort, the fabric should be soft and smooth for the skin,should absorb perspiration and should fit perfectly.Not too baggy and also not too tight


As much as men love to wear high quality clothes.the pricing should be reasonable and that is why they prefer looking around for good deals so as to avoid over spending on clothes.Whether the price of the cloth is according to the printed price or not, is also important.Purposeless shopping leads to wastage of time and energy whereas shopping in haste may lead to overspending.

Remember: Just because an outfit is expensive,does not mean that the quality is equally as high.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

One thought on “What do men look for when buying clothes?”

  1. Your blog post is interesting but I wonder whether men really look at all these things before making their purchase. I must say these are things men should look at. But men often look at the appearance, style and if it is in their budget, they go ahead and buy it, don’t they?


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