different outfits for different dates

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Velvet Style

So your boyfriend/husband/date is taking you somewhere special. But he won’t tell you where you are going. It is a secret, he wants to surprise you. All you can think is what am I supposed to wear if you won’t tell me where we are going?

Don’t panic, I have got five outfits for five different dates. No matter where you are going, we have the outfit for it.

So you are off to the cinema with your beau. Make sure you are comfortable as you are bound to cuddle, but you still need to be stylish. How about a bold coloured skater dress with tights and a cardigan? Dress it up or down with boots or heels; depends how fancy you are feeling.

Out to grab some food at a nice restaurant? DO NOT WEAR WHITE; if you spill food, it will be obvious! Something cute, but not tight…

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Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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