What tickles your fancy?

Are you the lace, floral or the leopard print type?


This is the one outfit every girl should have. They are fun and come in different colours. They are great for casual events or on a chilled out day.
They are so 1970’s, so louche; they excite me.Basically they are like that one guy you can hang out with, tossing back a beer and talk trash.


Lace is possibly one of the most provocative weapons of seduction. Outwardly romantic and feminine, yet very suggestive with the naughty undertones that bring out the intimate glimpse of skin. Anything in lace, is timeless.




indexleoIn my world leopard is a colour. Leopard prints go with just anything thus making it easier to avoid the potential pitfalls. You can never go wrong with a leopard print. It’s perfect for every occasion.              You can go with it to church, an office function, a family gathering or to a friend’s wedding. Wherever you take it, it fits in.

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