MANCINY – A man’s introduction to color


Manciny Migwi

Fashion Designer and Style Concierge

FFA: Tell me a little about yourself?

Fearless, Passionate, Sartorial.

FFA: What does fashion mean to you?

Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. mancinyFashion is something that
comes after style.

FFA: When did you realize that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

The earliest memory I have of dabbling into anything fashion related is as a young girl cutting out models from old magazines & pasting them on the wardrobe using home made glue (Chapo Unga) for fun. Later in life, fashion was always a side hustle whenever I wanted extra cash. Owing to my eccentric dress sense & realizing it came effortless to me decided to pursue it full time. Walking around town seeing Men in ill fitted suits fueled my pursuit of Men’s Fashion as my niche; disclaimer though: there are “some” well dressed Men in Nairobi 🙂
FFA: What inspires you?
Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice.

My L.I.F.E in general which encompasses the following:

– GOD in whom I live, move & have my being.
– My “Artsy” Hood (Eastlands) – bedrock of creativity in +254.                 Nairobi my city, my town which is a melting pot of diversity.                 -Films/Movies/Series where I’m always checking out Costume  Managers & designers.

I am currently crushing on Blacklist’s Red’s wardrobe :-).I am hugely inspired by magazines, Social Media , fellow designers locally, regionally & abroad.
FFA: Tell us about your designs.What fabrics/prints do you use?
Product offering is a fantastic range of bespoke clothing and accessories that have the brilliant prowess of our rich African culture, strength, identity and attitude expressed with colors and fabrics native to the African continent – Ankara & Batik. Other mediums include but not limited to Khaki, Lace, Taffeta, Khanga et al.
FFA: Whats your style?

Ballsy, Minimalist, Retro, Vintage, Classic, Non Conformist & Effortless.

FFA: Are you currently working on a collection?unnamed (2)

Yes. Working on a capsule collection.
Wondering what a capsule collection is?according to Wikipedia,
 The term has come to refer to a collection of clothing which is designed using only interchangeable items, in order to maximize the number of outfits which can be created. The aim is to have an outfit suitable for any occasion without owning excessive items of clothing. This is usually achieved by buying what are considered to be “key” or “staple” items in coordinating colors.
FFA: How soon should we expect your launch to be?
Will definitely debut later this year.
unnamed (3)FFA: Who is your consumer?Who is the Manciny man?
Trendy Dapper Urban Gentleman who wishes to develop a certain wardrobe style that complements his personality.
FFA: Which models,photographer,event organizers or stylist,have you worked with in the fashion industry?

FAFA, Naivasha Fashion Weekend, Strut it Afrika, Sura Zuri.

FFA: Which celebrities have you dressed?

Juliani, DJ Sadic, Biko Zulu, Binyavanga Wainaina, Gerald Langiri et al.
FFA: How long does it take to work on a design?unnamed (1)
A day to a maximum of 5 days.
FFA: Do you have a  favorite piece so far?
I have no favorites as each has a story of its own.
FFA: What are some of your favorite fashion magazines,websites or books?
GQ is my Style Bible. Pinterest is my worst addiction yet.
FFA: Where can readers buy your clothes ?541447_680188045339370_644783825_n

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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