I recently came across these group called The Four Horsemen who are the fitness gurus at of this generation. At 22,they have become an inspiration to their peers and have decided to use their love for exercise to help the community. I got really interested in their cause and decided to interview them just to give you the push you need to get that sexy tummy or sculpted abs .


I interviewed one of the members, Morris,who is a heart throb. He talks to us about fitness and introduces us to The Four Horse Men and the interview got very interesting.

Who are THE FOUR HORSEMEN and what do you do?

We are guys who share the same view on athletics and make it our goal to inspire people around us everyday to take body fitness seriously.

The Four Horsemen
four horse men
The four horsemen

Who are the members of The Four Horsemen?

Solomon Kiwanuka.At the age of  22,he is the lead horse man and has just completed his Undergraduate degree.SOLO is the brains behind The Four Horse Men. He has this innocent guy look and he keeps them focused and grounded.
John Bosco, 22 and a student.He is both a  fashion and fitness model. John is the all round and disciplined fitness fanatic.We call him Mr. fitness. There is not a sport he has not tried .He is always in the gym trying  to break a sweat.
Geff Kibara.He is 22 years old and  is a  part time model. Geff, the self proclaimed KING and has tried all sorts of sport.

 Morris Nonye Wambua, 22, full time fitness model and actor. “Playboy”. That is what they all call him.

How did you join?

MORRIS:It was brought together by Solomon. We are friends since high school  and when he told about it, I thought it was a worthy cause and I joined. H met Geff on Facebook ,then Geff reached out to John Bosco , his childhood friend and training buddy. That is how The Four  Horsemen came to be.

Why did you chose the name FOUR HORSEMEN?

It basically describes the strengths we got: passion, drive, strength, team work and  great physique, just like a Mustang horse.

What are you hoping to achieve?

We are hoping to inspire others. Helping others to see the importance of working out and maintaining an active lifestyle especially in this ‘Junk food generation’. For the ones already working out, we are hoping to show them how to take better care of their body’s and how to tone up.

What is the feedback so far?

The experience is amazing .The kind of feedback we have received in the past couple of months has been overwhelming and humbling. We have been getting a lot of followers on our new Facebook page and even getting people asking how they can join.

What is your fitness secret?
Watch your DIET ; eating healthy. Make sure your diet is full of organic foods. We chose to go the old fashioned way and have our weights training and workout regiments,which include a lot outdoor exercises. 
1476309_267017746781963_376761929_nWhats your daily fitness routine?
I eat a lot of  fruits .My diet consists of beans and white meat and a glass of milk.I go to the gym in the morning and in the evening, I work out for at least 30 minutes HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training),drink a lot of water  and have loads of sleep.I go to the gym  at least twice a week.

524497_263220217161716_1332796550_nGive us a few fitness tips?

Watch what u eat. Not everything u see on the shelves is good for you. Do a lot of cardio exercises because it helps burn fat and to reduce your chances of getting heart and lung problems. If you do not have a gym near by, other options are jogging ,swimming or Zumba.

Do you love extreme sports?Which is your favorite?

I am a very simple guy but Solomon and  John Bosco are adrenaline junkies so they like to go to Sagana Rapids Camp for bungee jumping.

You can follow Morris Ndonye  on  Facebook:

Follow The Four Horsemen on their page: click here

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.


  1. ulalaa…. he looks like a movie star…. im oving the whole lean hollywood look theyve got going.. watch out ryan gosling :-p


  2. Hey how much d u think they charge for foto shoots nani anajua, ama admin ange acha contacts d we gt intourch with them.. hizo ma six pack waaaa 🙂


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