Tribal prints have been with us for a long time.They are  classics.Every year designers  come up with different ways  of using this prints on every day clothing.They have been on the runway for a while now and its safe to say that most of us have something made out of tribal prints..Be it a scarf,dress,top ,jacket or sho

We all know the tribal prints but what we do not know is that there are  different types of tribal prints from different parts of the world.

Here are the different types?


ganado print 2ganado 4

The Ganado print is the most common one .It is made up of different lines  and diamond shapes.They come in a variety of colors and the print is repeated over and over again giving it a continuous look.


ikat 2

ikat print 1

ikat 4

This is a dyeing technique used to put patterns on fabrics.It is recognised from its up and down repetitive print.It has a neutral base and colors look like they are bleeding,fading out.


chinle print 3chinle print

It is recognised from the small strips and patterns that are always in a straight line .This print is originally from Arizona ans Native America.


tapa printtapa 2

Its made in Tonga,Samoa and Fiji.The colors are mostly dark and the patterns vary.From animal and  plants to lines and shapes.

These prints are not just for the women wear,men can also look good in them.Here are some good examples:


tinie tempah

nick mutuma

Ladies,you can wear these prints in very many ways and on different occasions.


tribal dressBlack-white-trial-biker-jacket-POTD-02-25-13


victoria-justice-mdncolorful tribal dresszara-dresses-centro-skirts~look-main-single

Go out and wear amazing tribal print outfits.

Send me pictures of your favorite tribal print outfit.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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